Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Injury due to Litter

As many of us avid boaters enjoy the scene and swim in our very popular Sand Bar's (Sea Grass Bed is the correct name ) along the shore lines in and around Miami some people fail to keep in mind the safety precautions that should be kept in mind as far as glass bottles on boats at Sea Grass Beds / sand bar’s.

This past 4th of July weekend I had planned to boat up all three days I had off with a plan of Friday @ the Stiltsville / Saturday @ the Elliot Key and Sunday @ Key Biscayne in the morning and in the afternoon at the Haulover Sand Bar.

Friday was great Stiltsville Sand Bar is small and hard to get to so not too much traffic on a weekday, Saturday was great also for about 90% of the time we spent there as 5 pm came along my stepson of 10 years of age stepped on a beer bottle WOW the cut and the blood was a river flowing..... we rushed back to dock and drove to Baptist Hospital to find out that the tendons were damaged on his big toe.

This Tuesday he had surgery and should be discharged for a long and painful recovery.

I don’t think a 10 year old should ever have to experience this when we are enjoying a day of snorkeling off of a beautiful sand bar of Miami.

We as boaters need to be responsible for all the trash generated by our daily events on the water, and those actions of anyone on your boat as you are the CAPTAIN.

Aside of safety, the care for nature itself should be prioritized.

It would be great if a few boaters get together and organize a ride to the Sand Bars and pick up at least one full bag of trash ( mainly bottles ) it would make it a cleaner and safer environment for everyone resident and visiting.